OPCA Officers

President: Marc Reason - Treasurer: Holly Riddick / Board Members: - Teddi Ashby - Michele Dowell - Carolyn Hardrick - Angela Reason - Nycole Watson - Delores Whitaker

Mission Statement
The Overbrook Park Civic Association’s mission is to foster a spirit of community cooperation, promote the safety and wellbeing of our residents and encourage neighborhood pride.

Who We Are

The Overbrook Park Civic Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit “Recognized Community Organization” (RCO) comprised of citizens living from City Avenue to Landsdowne Avenue, Westend Drive to Ashurst Road in the West Philadelphia region of the City. The Overbrook Park Civic Association has been in existence for over 30 years. We embrace diversity and promote progress.

What We Do
• Promote the general welfare of the residents

• Inform residents of neighborhood events and issues

• Encourage and spear head neighborhood improvement projects

• Raise funds for community projects

• Encourage social interaction and promote harmony among residents of the community

• Encourage residents to participate in civic, school, and library activities and functions.

Please sign up to join one of our committees and help move Overbrook Park forward.

Youth Committee

Mission: the goal is to get our youth involved in the community both athletically and civically so that they learn how communities operate so they are prepared to take on leadership roles and continue to move our community forward. 

Community Events Committee

The mission of the community events committee is to add value to Overbrook Park’s residential experience through the coordination of programming that facilitates interaction among community members, addresses the social interests of residents, and promotes a sense of community.

Senior Committee

The mission of the senior committee is to bring information of vital importance to Senior citizens in the Overbrook Park community. To target programs and activities exclusively for them. To help navigate around all programs offered within the city, county, and the state.

Civic Engagement

Mission: We want to enlist our residents to take of ownership and responsibility for the security, upkeep and improvement for our community. 


The mission of the beautification committee is to enhance and maintain our common parks and areas and to improve the public landscape of Overbrook Park.  The Committee will further endeavor to educate and engage residents in beautification projects and clean-up activities to benefit the community.


The Committee seeks to identify and engage potential new members by greeting new neighbors as they move into Overbrook Park. We also steward existing members by maintaining the membership database and email list serve. Additionally, we produce a quarterly newsletter to provide residents news and community information and to encourage residents to support the local businesses that advertise in the newsletter.

Annual Events

OPCA Community Day – A day to celebrate the community with free food, live entertainment and vendors.

OPCA Community Basketball League – Summer Basketball League held at Rose Playground to promote sports, competition, and fair play amongst our youth. The league will service children 11 years and under through men 19 and over Monday through Friday at Rose Playground during the summer months of June, July and August.

Quarterly Events

Community Meetings – General membership meetings keep the community informed about neighborhood events and seek out speakers and presenters with relevant information for our residents.

Community Newsletter- OPCA newsletter that produces articles about and for the Overbrook Park community as well as supplying a calendar for events.

Seasonal Events

Beautification Park Clean Ups – Operating from April through November the Beautification committee helps to clean and beautify the 75th and Lansdowne entranceway into our community and Rose Playground.

OPCA Outdoor Family Movie Night- Providing free outdoor movies screenings for the community at Rose Playground.

Winter Snow Shoveling – Summer Lawn Cutting – Matching homes with local teens for winter snow shoveling and summer lawn cutting.

Welcome Committee – This committee goes door to door greeting new neighbors that have moved to the Overbrook Park Community in the last 3 – 6 months. We provide a packet with general information as well as a warm welcome to the community.